Wyoming – Crack Cocaine Facts and Statistics

How Cocaine and Crack use affects those abusing it, and is creating a real need for effective drug rehab and addiction treatment in Wyoming.


In the United States, as of 2006, there were 2.4 million cocaine users among whom 1.7 million reported some kind of dependence or addiction to the substance. In that same year there were roughly 2700 people using cocaine for the first time per day in The United States.

Estimates of those Wyoming residents using any form of cocaine in the 2005 are as follows:

 Cocaine/Crack use in Wyoming – 2005
 Total cocaine/ crack users  21,000
 Cocaine/crack users ages 12-17  4,000
 Cocaine/crack users ages 18-25  7,000
 Cocaine/crack users ages 26 and older  10,000

In 2005 just under one third of all admissions for substance abuse treatment were cocaine related. Crack cocaine accounted for 72% of the cocaine admissions in that same year.

The following additional data is presented for cocaine and crack use in the United States for the year 2006:

 Cocaine use in  lifetime, last year, and last month
  2006 Used in lifetime  Used in last year Used in last month
 Total 35,298,000 6,069,000 2,421000
 Ages 12-17 570,000 411,000 110,000
 Ages 17-25 5,130,000 2,259,000 729,000
 Ages 26 and older 29,598,000 3,399,000 1,582,000
 Cocaine use by gender
 Male 20,668,000 3,953,000 1,624,000
 Female 14,630,000 2,116,000 797,000
 Crack use in  lifetime, last year, and last month
  2006 Used in lifetime Used in Last year Used in last month
 Total 8,554,000 1,479,000 702,000
 Ages 12-17 128,000 73,000 12,000
 Ages 18-25 1,176,000 293,000 72,000
 Ages 26 and older 7,250,000 1,113,000 618,000
 Crack use by gender
 Male 5,584,000 1,026,000 520,000
 Female 2,970,000 453,000 182,000



 Primary cocaine admissions aged 12 and older
1995 2000 2005
  N/A   96    N/A


Wyoming statistics show a breakdown for primary cocaine admissions for 2005 as follows:
 Admissions by primary substance of abuse – 2005 
 Cocaine N/A
 Crack N/A

Getting help for crack cocaine use can seem like a daunting task, but there is help out there and you are not alone. There are literally millions of people struggling with this same disease.

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